The environment in Europe in 2016

  • The European policy on environment and climate has generated substantial benefits, as it has improved the quality of life, the environment and at the same time it has brought innovation, job creation and growth.
  • Despite these improvements, Europe still faces continuing and growing environmental challenges..

European indicators of sustainable development

  • The Sustainable Development Strategy of the European Union, in its review of 2006, establishes a single, coherent strategy on how to face the challenges of sustainable development.
  • The Strategy provides a measurement of progress towards sustainable development, by using a set of indicators...

Observed climate changes

  • The Earth's climate has never been static, but is subject to variations on all time scales from decades to thousands and millions of years.
  • Among the recent climate variations dated on European soil during the Pleistocene stresses in the last million years, a sequence of at least four glacial periods.

Environmental News

Stable and sustainable economic growth G20

The G20 must lead the way towards a stable and sustainable economic growth.…

  • Seals help monitor Antarctica's ice

    By Sergio Morales

    The deep waters of the Southern Ocean transport heat, oxygen and.…

  • Long-term effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing

    By Andre Durieux

    In August 1945, when World War II was about to end, the United States.…

  • Towards the extinction of large mammals

    By Giulia Bandarotti

    Preventing the extinction of gorillas, rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers.…

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